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Resonancia is a projection mapping experience that resonates with the historical and natural beauty of Muros, incorporating elements of electrical waves, resonance, and vibration. The exhibition invites viewers to explore the complexity of the relationship between the sea and humanity and to take action to protect the ocean.


The Experience:

The exhibition consists of a series of projections located in different spaces in Muros. Each projection focuses on a different aspect of the sea-human interaction:

1. The Fishermen's Dance with the Sea: This projection depicts the fishermen's deep connection to the sea and their rhythmic interactions with it. The fishermen's nets vibrate like waves and their harmonious movements with the sea will be visualized with electrical waves and resonance.

2. The Breaths of the Ocean: This projection explores the rhythm of the ocean waves and the harmonious existence of marine life within this rhythm. The linear vibrations of the ocean waves and the graceful movements of marine creatures will be highlighted in the projection.

3. Sea and Human: A Harmony: This projection examines the complex relationship between the sea and humanity, with both harmonious and conflicting aspects. Marine pollution and the negative impacts of human activities on the sea will be featured in the projection.

4. The Message of the Ocean: This projection emphasizes the danger posed by marine pollution and the urgent need for action to protect the ocean. A light and a glass bottle coming from the sea will convey the ocean's message: "Clean, Protect, Live Together."


Visual Style:

Resonancia will have a dynamic and captivating visual style that combines abstract and concrete visuals. Electrical waves, resonance, and vibration elements will be visualized with linear and geometric patterns. The color palette will include shades of blue and green representing the sea, electric blue, and vibrant colors symbolizing vibration.



The music complementing the experience will blend the sounds of waves, marine life, and electronic music elements. The music will reflect the rhythm of the sea and the complexity created by human interaction.


Target Audience:

Resonancia is an experience designed for visitors of all ages, aiming to raise awareness about the sea-human interaction and instill a sense of ocean conservation. The exhibition intends to offer an unforgettable experience by interacting with the historical and natural beauty of Muros.

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